IWiT Summit

2018 Indy Women in Tech Summit Recap from IWiT on Vimeo.



The IWiT Summit is an event curated by top leaders to help the Indiana Tech Community to become the most inclusive and sought after community in the technology sector. A community that sets the bar not only for women currently in tech, but those individuals considering technology careers, established technology companies considering Indiana as their home, and entrepreneurs looking to start their next venture. At the 2019 IWiT Summit we will engage leaders, middle managers and individual contributors with thought provoking conversation from relatable speakers & activities.

Our goal for the day is that the tech executives, investors and individual contributors in attendance walk away with:

  • The ability to lift awareness of the quantitative and qualitative benefits of inclusivity and diversity across teams and organizations of all sizes
  • Actionable takeaways to help you and your companies drive an inclusive culture
  • The understanding that self-advocacy is critical to career progression, meaningful contribution and job satisfaction

We will use the collective leadership of IWiT Summit attendees to drive inclusion and help women to #Seeyourselfhere – here in tech, here at the table, and here in Indiana!

Key Speakers:

  • Erica Joy Baker Known for her outspoken support of diversity and inclusion, she is an engineer and has worked at companies including Google, Slack and Patreon.
  • Julie Lyle Julie is an Entrepreneur, Advisor and Director for many organizations. She has been a CMO, CCO and CRO for multi-billion dollar organizations such as Walmart, Raytheon and HH Gregg.
  • Christa Quarles Former CEO at OpenTable, Inc. and CBO at Nextdoor, Christa is a visionary with a strong history in leading global business strategy.
  • Rob Forman Co-Founder and COO at SalesLoft, Rob’s mission is to make SalesLoft the best job of his employees careers through trust, values and results.
  • RJ Talyor RJ is an entrepreneur, a leader and tech executive currently serving as CEO of Pattern89.