IWiT Summit

2018 Indy Women in Tech Summit Recap from IWiT on Vimeo.



The IWiT Summit is an event curated by top leaders  to help the Indiana Tech Community to become the most inclusive and sought after community in the technology sector.  A community that sets the bar not only for women currently in tech, but those individuals considering technology careers, established technology companies considering Indiana as their home, and entrepreneurs looking to start their next venture.  Our goal for the day is that the leaders in attendance walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of the current state of our community & why Gender and Inclusion is important for this to be a priority for Indiana
  • The challenges & unconscious biases that women face and that impede our mission to be the most inclusive and diverse tech community
  • And actionable takeaways to help you and your companies drive a inclusive cultures
  • And finally to imagine the possibilities and build a clear vision to help us accomplish our objective

Our goal is to use the collective leadership of Summit attendees to drive inclusion and help women to #SeeYourselfHere – here in tech, here at the table, and here in Indiana!

Key Takeaways & Action Items:

  • Diversify Mentoring
  • Encouragement to make mentoring a priority
  • Use job postings that are inclusive
  • Have intentionality in recruiting
  • Mold inclusivity into culture
  • Educate on how to start the conversation, understand the importance and ensure employees feel engaged in the movement
  • Activating the movement with mid-level managers
  • Ensuring continuous follow up