The Eureka! Exchange



The Eureka! Exchange

The goal of The Eureka Exchange, TEE, is to introduce students to the wonders of STEM and tech through firsthand interaction. In addition to hosting the world’s best female golfers, The IWiT Championship has prepared four days of programming that will engage students in important aspects of the tech industry in a non-intimidating way. TEE will take place Tuesday, August 7th through Friday, August 17th at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway East Chalet.

TEE is one of several ancillary events dedicated to furthering the mission of the tournament which is to provide exposure and funds for key initiatives focusing on women in tech and youth STEM and robotics programs. 1,001 Indianapolis 5th and 6th grade children will be exposed to STEM experiences through engaging hands on activities, curated by industry experts.

Event organizers invited select schools across Central Indiana for the inaugural year. For more information or if a school you know would be interested in participating in future years please contact Kevin Wyman at

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